Tooker expands with Tooker Machinery

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Clever engineering by Tooker

With our knowledge, experience and, above all, curiosity, we ensure progress. Improving processes is our goal. Because we understand that every improvement – no matter how small – makes a big difference.

From our location in Leeuwarden, we work on projects within process engineering. In Sneek, we apply our expertise to mechanical engineering and automation projects.

Why Tooker

Accurate surveying and drawings with high level of detail

Plug and play solutions that interfere with processes as little as possible

Innovative engineers, driven to do great work beyond expectations

Extensive experience in both engineering and project management within mechanical engineering, process technology and production automation

Smart solutions that contribute to an optimal production process

We work for:

Team Tooker’s satisfied customers.

stress engineering
stress engineering
stress engineering
stress engineering

We specialize in:

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Food & Pharma

Our engineers are at home in the food and pharmaceutical industry, we know the do’s and don’ts.


Process & Energy

We strive to minimize our impact on the planet and maximize resource utilization.


Machinery & Automation

From Tooker Machinery, we serve customers within mechanical engineering and production automation with smart solutions.


Engineers who are always looking for innovative solutions.


' Exceeding expectations, that's what we're going for'

Review: Colasit

Peer van Grinsven

“The combination of 3D surveying as the basis for the drawing work was ideal for this project. This way of working allowed Tooker to take a whole piece of engineering out of our hands. “

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