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Direct contact

Speaking directly to the right person, we love that. With us, you interact directly with our engineers and we keep the lines of communication nice and short.

Prefab minded

Maximum quality and minimum downtime is our goal. By manufacturing in a workshop and putting our rich experience in prefabrication to work for you, we make this possible.


We enjoy working in an existing production environment. With our 3D scanners, we map production sites very accurately. Thus, we ensure a seamless integration of the existing situation and the new design.

Working with Tooker is characterized by:

Direct contact with our engineers

Strong in brownfield projects

From consulting to realization support

Want to know more about piping?

Rick Eilander is at your service

Future-proof engineering in Food & Pharma

As a project owner in this market, you have to deal with strict hygiene and safety regulations. Necessary protocols that provide clarity as well as prevent unnecessary risks. Our engineers are at home in the food and pharmaceutical industry, we know the do’s and don’ts. As a result, our focus is on your question. Whether it involves optimizing production lines, engineering a completely new installation or modifying an existing plant.

We engineer with an eye to the future. We are always looking for ways to make systems better. We go for maximum return on resources, capital and energy.

Stagnation is decline

Visits and work are disruptive to a production site. Moreover, work at a production site often causes downtime. And that costs money! Our engineers know all about this and see the pursuit of minimal disruption and downtime as their mission. Using our 3D scanner, we measure the project within a day. So after one visit to the production site, we have all the information we need to come up with a good design.

We believe in prefab because it’s faster and better. We elaborate our designs in a high level of detail, so that the realization can take place for the most part in the workshop. This is how we keep quality high and downtime low.

Looking for an engineering firm?

We are very curious about your project and would love to think with you. In fact, before giving a quote, we already determine the most efficient way of working. Our quotes are always clear and very itemized. Would you like to experience our proactive attitude for yourself? Call us for an introduction.

We support:

Consultancy; PED Advice & Project Support

3D scanning

Process & equipment design

Stress engineering: Pipestress analyses, Pressure vessel calculations, Structural calculations & FEM analyses

Skid design

Piping design

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Reversed engineering

Realization guidance

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