Frisian scale-up Skidworx winks at origin and ambition with new name Tooker


Although you get used and attached to your name, Rick Eilander and Danny Zwier felt that now was the time to take the next step with their engineering scale-up. Time to choose a name that fits who they are and the value they deliver: ‘We do so much more than skids these days.

Tooker skidworx Clever Engineering

‘Improving factories without disrupting existing processes.’ The sober answer to the question of what engineers actually do. At the same time, it is also a statement. Because in these modern times, you would say that industrial processes are already designed to be as efficient as possible. So how do they ensure that they deliver on this promise?

We see improvements that make an impact

Rick and Danny: ‘The unique thing about our approach is that we have the knowledge and technology of modern techniques. Like a 3D scanning system. With this we see improvements in processes that others do not observe: a conversion of piping, machines set up just a little differently, an adjustment in the sequence of a process. And any improvement – no matter how small – can make a big difference in the industrial world.’

How do you pronounce “Tûker”?

Fewer raw materials. Less energy. Less capital. And maximum efficiency. The engineers’ approach leads to impact. This is what they do it for. By looking just a little smarter. ‘Tûker,’ this is called in Frisian. And if you were to write this phonetically in English, “Tooker. See here the new name of the engineering team.

Ambitions and staff shortages

The name fits its origins – they are Frisians – but certainly also its ambitions. Which they confidently intend to live up to, despite these times of staff shortages. Rick: “We have a fun and young team. The atmosphere is good. For example, a colleague returned to us the other day – after a trip. He missed the atmosphere and culture. People like working for us. But we also always keep our eyes open for new engineering talent with the right motivations.’

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