Machinery & Manufacturing

Engineering 2.0

Of course, we serve you in the way that best suits you and your issue, but we also explore new techniques such as Virtual Reality, model-based definition (MBD) and BIM manufacturing.


Engineering and guidance

We provide a complete package. Drawings, Bill of Materials and integration into existing design. Our engineers are closely involved with your client’s engineering and provide the necessary support both internally and on site.

Direct contact

Speaking directly to the right person, we love that. With us, you interact directly with our engineers and we keep the lines of communication nice and short.

Working with Tooker is characterized by:

Direct contact with our engineers

Maximum efficiency, minimal footprint

Strong in realization support

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Innovative improvement in machinery

The Netherlands has a high-quality manufacturing industry; opportunities to optimize machinery are always being sought. Are you a project owner facing a similar issue? If so, please contact us. Optimizing processes is in our DNA. Our engineers do not shy away from any challenge when it comes to developing machines and modifying existing ones. For this, we like to use new techniques such as Virtual Reality, model-based definition (MDB) and BIM manufacturing. In this way, we ensure not only optimal results but also a slick process.

In addition to our knowledge of mechanical engineering, we also have extensive experience in supporting companies in the manufacturing industry. Our team understands better than anyone what it takes to make the realization of machines and equipment run like clockwork.

Collaborating with Tooker

Working with us always starts the same way. Our engineers analyze your issue from all possible angles to arrive at the best design. Because of our extensive experience as a consulting and engineering firm, our engineers know how to ask the right questions. This makes them widely applicable.

We like to keep lines of communication short; with us you are always in direct contact with the engineer involved. Do you have a new assignment for us? Then you get to deal with your trusted contact person, which is nice.

Looking for an engineering firm?

We are very curious about your project and would love to think with you. In fact, before giving a quote, we already determine the most efficient way of working. Our quotes are always clear and very itemized. Would you like to experience our proactive attitude for yourself? Call us for an introduction.

We support:


3D scanning

FEM analyses

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Realization guidance

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