Fellow students unite process engineering and mechanical engineering. Meet Tooker Machinery.

Engineering firm Tooker notes a growing demand for projects related to machine building and production automation in addition to existing clients in process engineering. Sjoerd Eisma and Foppe Haarsma, experienced mechanical engineers as well as former classmates of Tooker founders Rick and Danny, had the desire to start an engineering firm. Their shared vision and drive led to the Establishment of Tooker Machinery at Sneek.

Tooker tooker machinery Clever Engineering

Focus and Expertise

Tooker Machinery will be run as an independent entity by Sjoerd and Foppe and will focus on designing, realizing and supervising machine building and production automation projects. The engineers at Tooker Machinery have extensive experience in all phases of automation projects, including pre-engineering studies, engineering and project management. Experience gained in the various industries we have worked in.

Synergy between Tooker and Tooker Machinery

The creation of Tooker Machinery goes beyond simply adding a new division. It means a powerful synergy between process engineering and mechanical engineering. Often projects in these areas overlap, but this close collaboration allows both companies to draw on a wealth of combined knowledge and expertise gained from a wide range of projects.

The story behind Tooker Machinery is a special one. The bond between Sjoerd, Foppe, Rick and Danny has existed for 15 years and originated during their college years. Sjoerd and Foppe share, “Recently, we started thinking more and more about setting up a similar engineering company, but focused on mechanical engineering. This would not interfere with Tooker, given their focus on process engineering.” When this plan came up over dinner, Rick and Danny reacted with surprise. They were at that very moment working on plans to expand Tooker toward mechanical engineering, but, like any engineering firm, ran into the limited availability of the right people to do this. It was soon decided to move jointly on these plans with all the benefits that would bring.

What does this mean for the customer?

We strive to make it as simple and efficient as possible for our customers. With the close cooperation between Tooker and Tooker Machinery, we maintain one central point of contact. Each project is carefully considered from which branch we can provide optimal support with technical issues. This way we can always provide the best service, regardless of the complexity or nature of the project.

The creation of Tooker Machinery adds an exciting new chapter to Tooker’s story. “The synergy between the two parties, not only strengthens our position in the market, but also provides significant benefits to all of our valued customers.”

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