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Piping projects often guarantee a great challenge. As a project manager, you want a collaborative partner who can completely relieve you of all your worries regarding laws and regulations, pipe stress and maintenance. Tooker is ready for this challenge. Our engineers and partners know better than anyone how to develop or improve a process plant. We help with: environmental or safety issues, project development or simply capacity expansion. Whether it’s steam pipe sections, manifolds, brownfield modifications or plastic piping systems. We have dealt with this axe before.

We make it flow

Piping projects are characterized by a combination of technical complexity and communication challenges. We ensure that all systems are properly interconnected. And that they meet all process conditions, maintainability and all standards and regulatory requirements. Structural consultation with all disciplines is crucial here. We also take our role in this and ensure that this is guaranteed during the project. Consultation with the various disciplines allows us to include all cable and ducting routes immediately. Thus, we ensure that the realization also goes smoothly.


Roadmap piping project:

We will visit you and coordinate the requirements and wishes among ourselves.

We organize a kick-off of the project with all relevant disciplines.

If necessary, we will prepare a pipe specification and proceed to create or modify a P&ID.

We record the existing situation using a 3D scan.

We create a new design and immediately incorporate the other disciplines into it.

We draw up the packages for realization where rest on site is the starting point.

We accompany on-site realization to a successful conclusion.


Our collaboration partner Lasmotec was asked to produce a work platform and CIP manifold for a dairy manufacturer in the Netherlands. We were engaged to work out the sketch of the platform and CIP manifold.


Actemium had a question that was right up our alley. In fact, they wanted to make some CIP skids based on an existing skid. To make it really challenging, the client wanted to make some modifications that would take up more space without changing the footprint of the skid.


The piping of this flue gas cleaning system had to be replaced, a major job. Our client Colasit’s challenge? The piping had to be replaced within 4 weeks. Indeed, the plant could no longer stand still.

Other disciplines

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We help with: environmental or safety issues, project development or simply capacity expansion.


Skid design

Plug and play solutions for quick implementation, high quality and no on-site work.



Produce more efficiently, sustainably, flexibly or safely? Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our innovative engineers.

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