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Virtual access to a large manufacturing plant

Client: SFP Group B.V.
Location: Westdorpe at Zeeland
Goal: Generate a virtual tour and point cloud
Expertise: 3D scanning

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Building the future of renewable energy

SFP Group aims to accelerate the energy transition by scaling up green gas production. The plant in Westdorpe is one of the largest production plants in Europe and converts residual streams from the agricultural sector to biogas. Our collaboration with SFP Group B.V. focused on creating a 3D environment of the production plan and generating a point cloud. A request in which we can be of excellent service given our knowledge and experience in 3D laser scanning.

Innovative solutions

Equipped with the necessary safety measures, such as a gas analyzer, we were allowed to enter the plant. For three days we were on site, scanning the entire installation and then creating a virtual tour. This digital environment provides access to the production plant from anywhere in the world, a sort of street view of the company. Of course, this online environment is protected to ensure data privacy.

3d scanning tooker

Reliable information down to and detail

In addition, we converted the 3D scan to a point cloud, a huge amount of individual points that are very narrowly defined in space. This provides a very accurate representation of the installation. The point cloud serves as a basis for future engineering projects but can also be used for inspections. Indeed, it provides an accurate model than traditional measurement methods.

With our comprehensive range of services, we support SFP Group in accelerating the energy transition. Together we are building a sustainable and future-proof world.

3d scanning tooker

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