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Reversed engineering of complex CIP skids without a drawing

Client: Actemium Belgium
Location: Northern Belgium
Purpose: Reversed engineering of a CIP skid
Expertise: Reversed engineering, 3D scanning, skid design, stress engineering

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Challenging modifications

Actemium had a question that was right up our alley. In fact, they wanted to make some CIP skids based on an existing skid. However, no drawings of these were available. To make it really challenging, the client wanted to make some modifications that would take up more space without changing the footprint of the skid.

The end customer was a pharmaceutical company in northern Belgium. During a plant visit here, we scanned the existing skid with our 3D laser scanner. We also scanned the hall where the new skids were to be placed.


Custom skids

In this case, the customer provided its own P&ID (process design) and equipment list. After receiving the necessary documentation, we began 3D modeling the new skid. We held biweekly meetings with the client and end customer to coordinate whether the design was in line with their wishes.

To make the desired modifications, we ended up designing four skids. After a stress calculation on each frame, we created a lifting plan for the skids. Then we were able to develop the 3D design into a fabrication package with working drawings and cutting packages.

This project showed how great the benefit of 3D scanning can be. We could never have “reverse engineered” a skid of such complexity without scanning. We also benefited in terms of efficiency here because we gathered all the necessary information during one visit to the plant.

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3D view of one of the skids.

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