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Design of platform and CIP manifold for dairy manufacturer

Customer: Lasmotec
Location: Dairy manufacturer in the Netherlands
Purpose: To design a prefabricated CIP Manifold with work platform
Expertise: Mechanical & Structural design, 3D scanning, piping, stress engineering

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Design of the platform and lifting structure

Our collaboration partner Lasmotec was asked to produce a work platform and CIP manifold for a dairy manufacturer in the Netherlands. We were engaged to work out the sketch of the platform and CIP manifold. A lifting device had to be added to the work platform to allow the valves to be removed for maintenance. We designed the fences to be removable to improve accessibility during maintenance.

Prefabricated platform in small parts

The platform and lifting structure were checked for strength using the relevant standards. The piping and valve sets were designed based on the customer’s P&ID and equipment list. This part of the project became challenging because we had to design the platform so that it could be delivered in prefabricated parts.

The prefabricated parts had to be transported through the factory. This approach route determined the dimensions of the precast parts. The allowable dimensions were determined using a 3D Scanner with which the relevant parts of the plant were mapped.

Tooker Clever Engineering

Design, strength and stress calculations steam pipework

The manifold had to be provided with a heat source, for which Tooker was asked to design a steam header based on a P&ID. During the project, Lasmotec was asked if they would also install the steam piping from the boiler on the other side of the plant to the steam header in question. Tooker performed the design, strength calculations and stress calculations. The route was determined using a 3D scan of the plant.

After the 3D model was approved by the client and end customer, a production package with working drawings and cutting files was created for Lasmotec.

Review: Lasmotec

Geert Kalsbeek

“With Tooker, we can always act quickly. They understand what we do very well and therefore they need very little input from us. With this project, the scope was getting larger and larger but we were still able to turn to Tooker for the additional questions. When you put a question to Tooker, you always get a new approach. They often come up with a proposal for a faster or cheaper approach.

Tooker Clever Engineering

With this project, the scope became larger and larger during the process, which ultimately made it a project in which we were able to use our various areas of expertise, such as 3D scanning and working with a point cloud, prefabricated designs, working with steam but also performing strength calculations and stress calculations.

Challenging, but that’s how we like to see it.


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