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Redesign of existing skid for new hall to be built

Customer: Wafilin Systems B.V.
Location: Leeuwarden
Goal: Redesign existing filtration system for newly built hall
Expertise: Piping, skid design, Plant 3D

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Start of the project

At Wafilin Systems in Leeuwarden, they specialize in the application of membrane filtration in various industries. They asked us to redesign an existing microfiltration design based on a number of areas for improvement and project-specific requirements and wishes. This redesign had to be implemented in a hall that was yet to be built, keeping the footprint the same while accommodating more equipment.

One thing led to another

As the filtration capacity was expanded, the pre-filtration also appeared to need a capacity expansion. This led to a new assignment for Tooker! To map out the space where the prefiltration expansion was to be placed, we used 3D scanning technology.

Thom Holwerda: “For this second project, the idea was to improve an existing design, taking into account that this design could also be reused for future projects.
The biggest challenge here was that more equipment had to be placed in this new design while keeping the footprint the same!”

3d scanning tooker

Custom solution

To get a clear picture of the environment and situation, we converted the building and sewer system into a detailed 3D model. We then started with a solid format based on PI&D. In the process, we mapped the connecting piping in 3D.

Because of the different areas of expertise we used, such as strength calculations and detailed pipe sections using Plant3D, we were regularly on site for consultations. In the end, Wafilin Systems BV received a comprehensive production package, including detailed working drawings, which they could easily forward to the builder.

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