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You want to keep on-site work to a minimum, for the sake of quality and because this work often results in downtime at the production site. But how do you limit this? Simple; make your process plant in the form of a skid. In this way, the entire installation can be made in the workshop, where the right tools are at your fingertips. This leads to high quality installation and an efficient construction process. The process plant can then be placed on site in its entirety in one go. Plug and play.

Our engineers think “inside-a-box” and skids are part of our DNA! We elaborate our designs in a high level of detail, so that the realization can take place for the most part in the workshop. In this way, we keep quality high and downtime low.

We bring together disciplines, standards and regulations

When designing skids, many disciplines come together. The installation must, of course, comply with legal requirements, standards and regulations. In addition, our skid designers consider process conditions, maintainability, piping strength and frame strength. We like to think outside of the box and collaborate with all other disciplines. In this way, we also immediately include cableways and E&I cabinets in our design.

Roadmap skid project:

We will visit you and coordinate the requirements and wishes among ourselves.

We organize a kick-off of the project with all relevant disciplines.

If necessary, we will draw up a pipe specification and proceed to create or modify a P&ID.

We record the existing situation using a 3D scan.

We ensure that all components in the process design are known and provide equipment selection if required.

We design the installation in clear skids and incorporate the other disciplines directly into this.

We check skids for strength during production and during lifting and moving.

We draw up the packages for realization, with peace of mind on site being the starting point.

We supervise on-site realization through to commissioning.

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Other disciplines

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We help with: environmental or safety issues, project development or simply capacity expansion.


Skid design

Plug and play solutions for quick implementation, high quality and no on-site work.



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