Are you coming to work at Tooker?

Working at Tooker is more than just a job. At Tooker, you work with like-minded people. Driven, motivated and ready to make a difference. Working at Tooker means becoming part of a close-knit team. We do it together so you are never alone. We consider the happiness of our employees very important. Being partly because of our great team, we can do what we do.

Working at Tooker means

Good working atmosphere

With us, it’s not just about ambition and quality; fun and conviviality are just as much at the heart of Tooker. During lunch we will go for a walk together and we like to challenge you to a game of table tennis. In addition, we regularly end the week with social drinks. Welcome to a work environment where fun is as important as performance.

Inspiring work environment

All of our colleagues are ambitious and have a shared passion for technology. We have a culture where knowledge sharing is key and so we learn new things every day. Working at Tooker means working in a young, growing team of motivated employees who strive for innovation.

Good conditions

We value good working conditions. That’s why you get an annual budget to develop yourself even more. In addition to a good salary, we also offer a pension plan and travel reimbursement. In addition, we enable you to work flexibly by providing a laptop and cell phone. We believe in good facilities so that you can get the best out of yourself.

Impressive customers

We work on projects for a variety of inspiring and impressive clients. Some of these clients have already made an appearance on our home page, and this is just a glimpse of the collaborations we enter into.

Tooker Clever Engineering

Contribute to a better world

Together with Tooker

Step by step forward. At Tooker, we are looking to improve processes every day. Because when processes are stagnant, the world does not move forward. We do everything for the optimization of the end result. Everything for the “next step” with as little downtime as possible during implementation. This is how we ensure progress, a smaller footprint and a better world.

Your development

Together with Tooker

You want to move forward. Growing, having the space to develop. And we’re happy to give you those. Our workplace is characterized by an open and inquisitive culture where we experiment a lot and learn from each other. Giving and receiving feedback is important to us because we believe it contributes a growth. Working at Tooker means working in an environment where your development is key.

Tooker Clever Engineering

This is what our employees think

– Thom Holwerda

“I have made it my job to think of solutions. I like to think everything out in detail, for example about possible problems during the construction/placement of an installation. If the implementation then goes smoothly and everything connects well, my day is completely good. I get a kick out of that.”
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– Sven Dijkstra

Sven is Team Lead at Tooker and gets joy from sparring with customers, collaborating with his team and solving problem settings. He is happy to tell you about working at Tooker and why he came back after a brief jaunt. “With Tooker’s support, I was able to explore these possibilities and discovered that Tooker was just the perfect fit for me.”
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– Bram Zijlstra

Getting to the bottom of how things are put together and how they work. This drive led Bram to study mechanical engineering. He still gets great joy from seeing installations or machines being created based on his designs. ‘Whenever possible I go into the factory to admire the result, it always feels good!’
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